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15.07.2013 ...... Ceramah Motivasi yang tersebut adalah disampaikan oleh dua orang bekas pelajar SMJK Yuk Choy, saudara Wong Soon Kuen (baju putih) dan saudara Tang Weng Kin (baju biru). Beliau-beliau merupakan bekas pelajar yang cemerlang dengan pencapaian berikut: (Wong) 8A PMR, 11A SPM/ (Tang) 8A PMR, 10A SPM.

Anak-anak yang berjaya di sekolah sama ada dalam akademik atau kokurikulum adalah mereka yang berkeberanian.  Tekun mencapai kecemerlangan, berani bercakap di depan orang ramai.

Nama: Wong Soon Kuen
Umur: 19
Kelas: 5S1 (2011)
Khusus: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Universiti: Universiti Malaya

Some Words of Encouragement from Wong:
Now, take pride of ourselves as members of Yuk Choy; In the future, Yuk Choy will be proud of us.
That’s the thing I would like to emphasize to all my juniors. Do not underestimate yourselves and our school.

SMJK Yuk Choy is the oldest Chinese school in Perak and she has produced many successful graduates. Don’t you want to become one of them? Yuk Choy has proven to you that she can do it; And how about you?

Be honest to ourselves and dare to take up the responsibility and opportunity. Have we ever thought that why we need to attend to school? Obviously, it is a process of life, a process which will lead us to become a better person.

One could be suffering when going through the process of learning and this is commonly known as “no pain no gain”. In fact, we could have more suffering if without proper education. I hope this little advice will give encouragement to every reader, to study seriously from now.

All in all, believe in yourself; Prove to the world: I CAN DO IT!!


Nama: Tang Weng Kim
Umur: 19
Kelas: 5S1 (2011)
Khusus: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
Universiti: Universiti Malaya

Some Words of Encouragement from Tang:
Start smart and do your best.
All the best to you guys and enjoy your life in Yuk Choy!
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